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The following issue is no longer up for discussion. This is final and will not change.

Hi everyone! Sorry about the little message above, I just wanted to make it absolutely clear. This issue will no longer be up for debate, if you have a problem with it please send a message to me or the co-owners as that last time this was in the club it led to a multi-page argument.
So, as many of you have seen, I sent out a mass private message. I did this as, although the argument had stopped in the club regarding shinies, I was still receiving private messages about it.

I decided to hold a club wide vote. We have gotten 24 votes - the majority of the active members in the club have voted (and their vote is more important [sorry newbies, but we get a lot of newbies who post once and leave forever]) Although not everyone has responded (as expected, of course) if the rest of the active members sent in their votes for the side that lost, it would still lose. So, I am posting this now.

Now, after typing a message I am sure many will just skip, here are the results. Votes will remain private but I will be sending PMs to the co-owners with proof so they can confirm eventually (if they are asked of if they feel like posting.)

Number of votes for allowing the use of ROMs: 18
Number of votes against the use of ROMs: 6

I was expecting it to be much more split, to be honest. :/

I would greatly appreciate it if those people who voted against it did not complain about this, and that people who voted for it do not gloat (seriously, be mature.) Please do not whine about this, you'll get a strike.

And yes, we did have one person leave because of this. I will be forever greatful if you are more mature than that. <3


New Rule
Shiny Pokemon obtained on ROMs are allowed to be discussed and counted towards the PokeDex. Please read the spoiler below for details regarding this.
Save states are not allowed. Although, they're not a big deal if you use them for Pokemon that obviously will be caught with ease, it's an unfair advantage if you'd come across a Pokemon with Explosion.

If you create events then soft reset for them, you will be allowed to discuss your shiny in the club. However it will not be counted on the PokeDex.

ROM Hack shinies (such as from games like Shiny Gold) do count. Unless of course, it's from a custom event (i.e. Jirachi or Celebi.)

Editing the wild Pokemon data is not allowed. You are not allowed to edit Route 1 and make Mewtwo appear in the grass. That is NOT fair in the slightest.


I also have a few more things to update about~
  • G-Money no longer wants to update the PokeDex, so I have re-taken over the job.
  • I am adding a Spinoff Shiny Dex to to PokeDex - so if you have Mysterious Dungeon WiiWare and Pokemon Rumble with shinies post them here/PM me!

Here, I will start off with my Pokemon Rumble shinies. I have 10 of them at the moment. The most I've gotten in one day was 4 I believe. Crazy day that was! If you're curious how to take clear pictures of Rumble, you have to hit '2' then click 'Take a Picture'. You need an SD card in your Wii.
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