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Originally Posted by barondante View Post
@Zumba: And, will you go ahead and point how is that to be done, when the Kadabra outspeeds EVERYTHING, and kills them in one shot, with an attack that never misses
I don't know about everyone else since this seems to be the topic of discussion in the past few pages but here's my current team:

Charmander: 26
Ivysaur: 26
Kadabra: 26
Picachu: 26
Nidoking: 27
Gyrados: 30

All of them have been caught, raised, and evolved regularly in battles (i used the moon stone on nidorino obviously)

Now Kadabra's only level 35. I leech seeded with ivysaur, it killed me, and then my gyrados Thrash otk'd after the one leech seed. So at those level's if I had no problem, I can't imagine how with whatever team everyone else has built raising them to level 30 or higher isn't good enough to kill kadabra.
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