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Originally Posted by Articuno23 View Post
Now for mine :D
This is Beachfront Isle, the starter town in my hack. I thought it would be interesting to begin on an island then travel on a boat to one of the bigger islands.
Wow, many tile errors.

-The bridge blends into the sand at the top, but not the bottom
-Random ledge extending into the shore tile
-Water shore ledges beneath the mountain? (North of the bridge)
-The roof on the house in the top left has a tile error on the far right tile
-The mountain by the lab-looking thing by the cave in the south has a tile error where the background is black, and not green.
-All of the trees have shadows, when the should not, as they are not next to other trees (like in border blocks)
-By the stairs on the far right you have mountain ledges with the mountain tile background, when it should be grass. (by the small rock)
-You are missing one of the corner water ledges on the far right
-The small mountain to the right of the bridge looks weird without Gen 4 and 5's camera angling.
-There is a small rock in the water that may be a slip of the mouse? It just doesn't belong.
-Your stairs by the sand tiles are missing the stairs tile with the shading. You did it with the other stairs that go onto the mountain, but not with this.

Now, positives:
-The pathways are well spaced and look natural
-The idea of using the darker water for showing where the rocks extend below the water's surface is neat.

Rating: 5/10

And my map:
I'm worried most about the mountains. Mine never feel natural. Any advice?
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