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    AntiZero's Quest
    Part 1

    So I recently restarted my Diamond because I want to play through the entire fourth and fifth Generations.

    So! Things I think are important will be in bold.

    -Started my adventure.
    -Picked Turtwig as my starter.
    -Defeated the poor level 2 Starly.
    -Got the Running Shoes from my mom.
    -Made my way to Sandgem Town.
    -Got the Pokedex from Prof. Rowan.
    -Went back to my mom and got a Parcel to deliver to my rival, Barry.
    -Dawn showed me how to catch Pokemon.
    -Caught a Starly for my team.
    -Caught a Bidoof as an HM slave.
    Turtwig | Lvl. 8
    Starly | Lvl. 7

    Will edit until I get my first Gym Badge.