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My White team (currently levels 85/6)
Serperior M Rash (If he gets to set up, you are swept. Like Cynthia was. Unless you're a jerk and have a Sap Sipper) (Seienryuu; Leaf blade, giga drain, coil, growth)
Pendoraa F Impish (scolipede) (If she's knocked down, the next several things she goes against are doomed to crits, poisoning and flinching) (Maiagaru; Steamroller, poison tail, screech, [earthquake/rock slide])
Carracosta F Careful (A ninja) (Raiyuumimizuki; Aqua jet, ancient power, crunch, surf)
Chandelure F Modest (... Her sweeping abilities are phenomenal) (Dichou; [Flame burst/flamethrower], shadow ball, will-o-wisp, [hex/psychic]
Mienshao M Rash (Really, really useful.) (Yuuhitsu; Payback, U-turn, aura spere, drain punch)
Ononokusu M Quiet (He likes dancing, but aside from that he has the highest stat on the team, attack, clocking in at over 330) (Kiiyoi; Dual chop, slash, dragon dance, dragon claw)

On occasion HM masters watchog M (Sanyuu) and unfezant F (Luce), and my main ononokusu's older sister (also an ononokusu: Neyas (lv.66); Outrage, slash, dragon dance, dragon claw)
But that's my team, and I love them.
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