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Competitive Generation V OU Rain Team

Well, first of all, this is my first competitive team ever. Literally. Please don´t be harsh, since I know the team probably has many issues, and there are a few things I don´t understand completely.

Getting to the actual team, it´s an OU Rain team. It´s focused mainly around setting rain up so that my main sweepers get the boosts they both can appreciate.

Team Construction
Let´s get started, shall we?

Obvious start are the Swift Swim sweepers, since the team is centered around them. Armaldo is the Physical Attack, Kingdra is the Special Attack.

Next recruit isn´t a surprise either, since Drizzle makes things so much easier.

But there´s a problem. I´ve been told weather is big this gen, and that spikes and such is still popular. Having Politoed as a lead would be stupid--it would be OHKOed to easily, and then the other player´s setter-upper can get their job done without my Politoed´s interference. So I need a lead--Mienshao comes to mind.

I know it´s stupid to rely only on my current sweepers, because they aren´t able to efficiently cover threats such as Conkeldur. I need an alternate sweeper. Latios doesn´t really benefit from rain, but it has nice stats and a type coverage that covers some of the team´s weaknesses.

Finally, I need a wall that can absorb hits. Jellicent will do excellently.

Everything was dandy until I learned Drizzle + Swift Swim was banned, so I looked for Rain Dancers. Dragonite seemed like the best option. My only issue is that opens a LEGENDARY weakness to Dragon-types, so I need to change that.

This next part is kind of embarrassing. At first I considered Ludicolo, but then I got frustrated looking for better options and considered rebuilding the team from scratch. After my second or third review of the entire list of Pokemon that learn Rain Dance, it hit me in the face: Accelgor. I felt extremely stupid for not realizing it earlier.

But, Accelgor is as fragile as glass and the next option (recommended by dragonomega) made me furious for ever considering Accelegor. Thundurus can pull off everything Accelegor could, but better and more.

And then, some playtesting revealed this team's weaknesses. Mienshao didn't do it's job as a lead right at all, while Thundurus does a great job as a lead, promoting him to one. Armaldo isn't all that great, but Kabutops (recommended by Vrai) may fair better. With Mienshao gone, I decided to invest in my team's defences, with Ferrothorn.

Team´s crap from playtesting so Toxicroak (suggested by Alexial357) Blissey and Dragonite are new recruits.

Type Table (From Marriland):


The Team

Thunderstorm w/ French Fries

Aries (Thundurus) @ Damp Rock
252 Spatk/ 252 Spd/ 6 Atk
- Rain Dance
- Thunder
- Nasty Plot
- Hidden Power Ice

Thundurus, the Rain setter-upper. With prankster, he can pull off both Rain Dance and Nasty Plot excellently, allowing him to sweep with 100% Thunder. He has HP Ice to hurt Ground types and Dragons.

Physical Mop Sweeper

Sagittarius (Toxicroak) @ Life Orb
Dry Skin
252 Atk/ 6 HP/ 252 Spd
- Swords Dance
- Sucker Punch (Drain Punch?)
- Poison Jab
- Drain Punch

Life Orb and Dry Skin almost balance each other, SD is obvious, SP, PJ is STAB, DP is healing. *too lazy to use real move names*

Special Broom Sweeper

Virgo (Kingdra) @ Choice Specs
Swift Swim
252 Spatk/ 252 Spd/ 6 Spdef
- Surf
- Rain Dance
- Flash Cannon
- Dragon Pulse

Kingdra is the...waitress.

...the Special Sweeper. *coughcough* Surf is STAB, (I thought Hydro was too risky), Rain Dance is for setting up Rain against Hail teams (Thundurus and Dragonite weak to Ice), Flash Cannon is variation and Draco Pulse is also STAB.

Alternate Cleaning Wipes Sweeper

Capricorn (Dragonite) @ Expert Belt
252 Atk/ 200 Spd/ 58 Spatk
- Rain Dance
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Hurricane

Alternate Sweeper. Again. Mentioned many times.

Rain Dance can be used to bring Rain back in case it runs out and I desperately need it but Thundurus is fainted, Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw allow Dragonite to sweep beautifully, and Hurricane gets 100% in rain so why not.

Wall of Blubber

Gemini (Blissey) @ Leftovers
Serene Grace
6 Def/ 252 HP/ 252 Spdef
- Wish
- Calm Mind
- Body Slam
- Thunder

Blissey has Wish because it´s better than SB, Calm Mind because Bliss doesn´t learn Amnesia, Body Slam STAB and Thunder variation. Serene Grace helps Slam and Thunder.

Spikey Chicken Roll

Libra (Ferrothorn) @ Leftovers
Iron Barbs
252 Def/ 200 Spdef/ 58 HP
- Gyro Ball (HP Fighting?)
- Power Whip
- Stealth Rock
- Leech Seed

I need a Physical wall too. Plus, I need to protect myself from Dragons. Ferrothorn, with both awesome Def AND Spdef, can wall a lot of things. Gyro Ball is reliable STAB, but Ferro is Attack based, not Special Attack based. Power Whip is more powerful but less reliable, Stealth Rock is...Stealth Rock, and Leech Seed is better than Ingrain by far.

Threat List

None. Had one but switched the team around and currently too lazy to make the entire thing over again. The list I had was outdated anyway.

So, anyway, I would like to thank you for looking and I would appreciate any suggestions.