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    Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    Mammon smiles at Xavier with sharp, pointed teeth, before a piece of fresh pineapple becomes their victim. "You're a smart boy. Believe or not, most in that flying death trap think I'm dead... Foolish." She plucks a grape into her mouth, as her razor, strawberry colored eyes fall onto me. I take the glass of cold water into my hand, and give it a gentle sip. "... What Mammon is saying, is that anyone who knows Mammon is alive, will become either allies, or strong enemies. I already know the little vampire knows, but she won't be a problem. Her and those two male vampires. I'm not sure about anyone else, however. Hadn't had the means to make contact with them." I set my glass back down, and look directly at Xavier. "I don't like being the only one to be talking... If you think that if your silence proves capability, you're wrong. I learned that my first year here. If people know you have knowledge, they keep you around in order to obtain information." My right hand is busy spinning my fork, when I say; "And to be honest, I want to keep you around for a time extended past the games... It's hard to find decent intelligence these days."

    From the corner of my eye, I see Mammon scrunch up her eyebrows and perk up. Though, I don't worry much about this, since Mammon is... Weird. I finish up my meal quickly, to continue conversation. "Well, I will be busy most of tonight. The vampires want me to go to some... Party. Ten o'clock. And after..." I look back at my drink. Mammon finishes for me. "Fausto will die tonight!"
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