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    Originally Posted by Articuno23 View Post
    Well, I'd give it 2 or 3/10 (sorry )
    When you have more experience you will look back at this map and understand. My first maps were like this.
    Firstly, the square shape isn't the most interesting to play and you haven't changed the classic 2 house starter town with a route to the north.
    Maybe a slight overuse of the red flower? The trees don't look natural in their placement. I like the use of grass tiles though to make it natural looking. The puddle in the middle I have an issue with though as it's a bit on the large side (but a nice shape).
    Also try adding that lighter grass as paths and maybe some more houses, it looks a bit odd having 2 houses on their own.
    Sorry for the amount of pointers but I think their constructive.

    Now for mine :D
    This is Beachfront Isle, the starter town in my hack. I thought it would be interesting to begin on an island then travel on a boat to one of the bigger islands.
    I'd say this map is very good. It's a nice deviation from the norm, and it's not some big square thing like some towns. Only thing wrong is the above mentioned tile errors. Also, some of the island has bits that go from grass to rock face without a transition. Also, the houses seem like they have too many signs, but I wouldn't know, there may be a reason for that. Suggestions include maybe a few more trees, but its your choice. I just like trees. 8/10

    OK, it's time for me to post my map...Even though I'm sure it's terrible.
    Map Name: Hydroville (Wow creative ._.)

    Map Game: Firered

    Comments: This town has been edited about five times now. It's the players hometown, but the gym isn't to be accessed until you get Surf. Many of the trees can be headbutted. Not sure what other relevant things to say.


    I'm worried most about the mountains. Mine never feel natural. Any advice?
    When I make mountains, besides being random, I try to always follow them through. I don't like leaving big flat expanses of mountain exposed...I don't think it looks good. I hope I'm explaining myself well...I stink at that kind of thing.