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Originally Posted by Nam View Post
Ok, so this is sort of a general question involving all pokemon games, but since I'm playing Heartgold I guess I'll post it here.

In the GTS you can only search for pokemon you have seen in-game, in other words, pokemon already registered into your Pokedex. So to get those pokemon you haven't registered, you'd have to migrate or get a friend to trade it with you. I was wondering.

When we have battles with friends (or a random wireless battle with someone unknown), will those unknown pokemon be registered to your pokedex? Just as if you were having a normal player vs cpu in-game battle?
Since nobody else replied, I will.
Simple answer, no. When you battle it wont register as seen, don't know why but its like that. I wanted to do that once but it won't work. Sorry, I guess the only way is trading to get it seen. Or find it ingame.