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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    Rating: 7
    Reason: Some things don't look natural. Others don't look artificial.

    I'll start with the mountains, since that is your biggest concern. They look pretty good -- but it's odd that the bottom side is perfectly straight and flat...

    The Pokecenter doesn't look very good (no offense), and it doesn't fit with the rest of the buildings (which all use official blocks). I'd recommend creating copies of the PokeMart blocks, and modifying them to make a Pokecenter that is four blocks wide (like your custom one). Most of the work would simply be a palette swap, so you shouldn't need to edit tilesets -- just blocks. The result will look better and be more consistent with the other FireRed buildings in the town.

    The water and coastlines are perfectly straight and rectangular. This is not something you would see on a natural coastline. Now, if the city's coast was shaped or altered by the people, then that's fine... But if it's supposed to be a natural shoreline, then it'll need some unevening out.

    You have the opposite problem with some of your fencing. The upper-left building's fence... Why would it wrap around the tree, creating such an odd-looking shape? If I were building a fence in a yard, I wouldn't exclude such a large area because of one tree. I'd build the fence around the tree.

    (Moving the tree would be difficult... If you create custom blocks, you won't have to move it that far, and it'll still fit in with the scenery. If you create a 2x3 group of blocks, where the left side is half-grass half-tree, and the right side is half-tree and fence, then it'll look pretty nice.)

    Your Gym's ledge is odd. The way you've placed that ledge makes the ledge look completely flat against the ground. Imagine if that area were 3D: for it to make sense, the sign would have to be placed atop a very narrow slope... So why is the coastline perfectly flat? If you move the end of the ledge inland a bit, then this is less of a problem (because one could reason that the slope is steepest near the ledge, and it grows flatter as one moves westward toward the shore). You also have a tile error: the ledge is "clipped" where it meets the northern fence.

    The bridge in the middle seems very, very thin. It wouldn't be that thin or that square if it were natural, but if someone wanted to build a manmade bridge -- a route of travel -- then why would they make it so narrow? Larger paths allow more people to travel more conveniently. The bridge therefore doesn't look natural or manmade; it just looks awkward. This same flaw is noticeable on the eastern and western entrances to the town.

    The sign thing in front of the southwestern building looks flat. Look closely at the outlines of similar structures in the game's original blocks: note how Game Freak made careful use of high-contrast shading, and how they even applied subtle highlights to the outlines of shapes. Try to mimic that. And perhaps put a faint shadow on the ground beneath the sign?

    Final remarks:
    As always, I'm better at seeing flaws than at seeing strengths. The map is quite nice, save for the weak points above. In any case, I doubt that most people would even notice some of the things I've pointed out, so definitely don't let my nitpicking discourage you from any future mapping.