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Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

"Nyuu~!" Once the games are over, I nuzzle my head under Kerin's arm and hug him tightly. He asks me questions. Well, I was expecting him to. He needed to know how the games worked so that his performance would be at its best. And, he would look silly if he asked a question about the games to anyone else. I was happy to help my brother.

"Uuu, nothing happens to angels or demons or gods if they're bitten. Healing abilities are like 'No poison in this body!'" I giggle. "Let's say a human turned into a vampire, as well as real vampire are left. The new vampire would win as a human if they didn't bite anyone. If they did bite someone, they are judged as a vampire, and only one can win. If there is a human and a new vampy left, both win automatically, even if the vampy hasn't bitten anyone." I explain this with little gestures of my hands. I know this because I've seen both senarios play out. I add a little more. "So really, two 'humans' could win a year. The reason they are given a bonus like this, is because they're at a disadvantage here. Sure, they know more about weapons, but everyone else here has speed, strong magic, strength and wings."

I pause at the last question, and look back at the blank screen. "I dunno, mew. Maybe they're the same... Ask Bern." I check the time. "Uu, its 9:15! Where's Fang, Kerin-sama? He's been gone the entire time..."
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
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