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"Magic," Kerin laughed. Yeah, despite how much he had heard that he could probably do magic, he had never shown any sign of it, or even tried. Something else he'd probably have to learn. Though he was perfectly fine with using his fists to solve problems. And ask Bernkastel? No thank you. If there was something he wanted to do, was to stay on her good side. Unless showing initiative was a trait. Then he had no idea.

"Uu, its 9:15! Where's Fang, Kerin-sama? He's been gone the entire time..." Marisa sounded worried. Kerin looked at a nearby clock. She was right, he had been gone the entire time. At least fourty-five minutes. That was a while to go up and down the elevator.

"Well, he went up to see Shiro and... wait, you don't think Shiro woke up, do you?" Kerin exchanged looks between the elevator and Marisa. He held her up as he got to his feet and quickly stepped over to the elevator. She wouldn't have... killed him yet, would he? No, she couldn't have possibly. She had been ditzy for the past few hours and shown little sign of waking up. If she attacked, she would be slow and Fang could dodge. Hopefully.
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