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Originally Posted by Tyranee View Post
I searched the threads and couldn't find a solution to this so here goes:

My desmume emulator won't let me save in-game anymore on Pokemon Volt White meaning it won't save after Ghetsis is defeated and I can't do aftergame. It keeps saying there's already a save file and it is impossible to save over it. I used save states most of the game and deleted my in-game save (which was very old) just in case it was blocking the new one but it still persists. I do have a previous playthrough I used in-game saves and savestates on in there that went to after-game just fine. What I think the problem is, is that I keep loading the save state that still thinks I have a save file on the menu screen I haven't erased. Does anyone know how to fix this? The fate of the after game portion of my walkthrough depends on it and I really hope I'm not screwed here. Another weird thing about this is that the in-game save I erased WAS part of this playthrough I'm having problems on so it DID save fine at one point.
You pretty much are screwed. When you use a savestate, it literally takes a virtual photo of the game at that point. Any flags activated will still exist, and since you never did delete your file before you started savestating, it's in that virtual photo, preventing you from finishing the game. Therefore, you will have to restart.
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