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    Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    My eyes do not waver from Xavier as he finally begins to speak. Was he really that uncomfortable talking to two people? He was going to just hate the interview, then. I listen. Pushing my hair out of the way, I'm quite surprised to hear him say that much in one sitting. "......" I stand up, and weave myself over to his side of the table. I couldn't have him thinking I meant what he thought. I inhale, and touch my finger against his shoulder. Like before, a string of the rain water is removed, and I throw this water off in a random direction.

    "The train ride, Xavier. I have nothing against your peaceful stance, but I'd like it if you stayed alive in the games. You need to win. If you win, you can go back to your... Living quarters or the Victor's District... And be at peace." Slowly, I lean down and wrap my arms around his form. This gesture is commonly reffered to, as a hug. It's a light hug, but I'm doing it to soothe him. "... When I touch people, I can feel their thoughts. Don't worry about how you'll sleep tonight. I'll figure something out... Can't have you tired for training... Right, Mammon?"

    I look back just to see the rest of her humanoid appearance go up into a red smoke. The cloud of smoke immediately darts for the entertainment room. Of course. She probably got bored. Well, I'm just glad I no longer smell the blood that stains her dress... It's a smell I can never get used to.

    "... I shouldn't be too long. If it isn't raining, i'll fly back so I don't have to see Natruo beating Ryuu to a pulp. I'll help you sleep,"

    Chapter 3 - Fang Yumigami - Vampire District

    "Daxity, you have to eat..."

    My voice is soft, as I push the plate back in front of her. There I was, soaking wet, coaxing the girl named Shiro to eat. She wouldn't even take a blood capsule... Her eyes are trained on the plate, but I know she still isn't convinced. I sigh lightly, and reach my hand out to stroke what little amount of hair she has upon her head. She freezes, and her eyes dart around the room. Her eyes colored in crimson light. She has been shutting out my existance the entire time. My fingers sail between the strands. Even though she has so little hair, it's soft. Like a ravens feathers. "Daxity...Please, eat..." I go to take her hand, and she snaps. She screams out in some form of pain, fear and denial, as she backpedals towards the bathroom. I follow her. "Daxity--Stop!" I rush forward just as she finds a pair of scissors. She's aiming them at her wrist, when I throw them out of her hands and grab her shoulder. She's gone completely off the bend. She's crying and screaming.

    "No! No! No! Stop! They're inside me! Stop! No! They're in my!!" She's struggling wildly to claw at her wrists, and even with my strength, I find it difficult to pin her onto her back. She's thrashing and screaming and kicking...

    "Daxity! You're fine! There aren't any maggots, so stop!" She stops immediately, and stares at me. Her eyes are in fear, but I can see that she is trying hard to surface again.

    "Get off me you stupid--!! I'll kill you!" She screams at me. But, I don't. I keep myself sitting on her with her arms pinned beside her head.

    "Daxity, you know I can't do that," I say softly, looking into eyes. She snaps back immediately. "My name isn't Daxity, you stupid gorilla! My name is Shiro!" I manage to keep my cool now, but I'll snap if I can't get to the morphine under the sink. I see it right there... Needles with the stuff...

    I jump when I feel a hand placed on my shoulder. Shiro begins screaming even more and kicking. It's Marisa. She looks extremely frightened of Shiro's current state, but she helps me. Silently, she crawls over to the sink and takes a few needles from the compartment.

    "Don't you DARE stick those in me, you dolled little girl! I'll-" Marisa jams a needle into her neck, and that immediately cuts her to silence. The fluid drains into her neck, and she stops kicking. Marisa puts another needle, more gently, into Shiro's arm. Her body relaxes underneath me, and I let her arms go. I take the last needle, and put it into her other arm. Her eyes become hazed, and I slowly stand up off of her. I thank Marisa quietly, and the little girl nods, before hiding behind Kerin. Shiro lays there for a moment, blinking. "....?" She sits up and rubs her eyes. I sigh in relief. It worked.

    I turn to Marisa curiously, fixing my clothes which felt really gross and weird after that struggle. "How long were you two watching?" Marisa looks at the door, then the plate, then finally at Shiro. "She tried hurting herself, mew." She says quietly. I am nodding, when Shiro clings to me from behind. Her pale, scrawny arms around my chest. I mumble under my breath as I sweatdrop. "Um..."
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