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Xavier kept his eyes on the table, his fingers continued to fiddle with one another, but they all froze when Bernkastel weaved over to his side of the table. She was Odd wasn't the word Xavier could use to describe her anymore. Different. Unique. Those would be words Xavier would use for Bern. Different than the other people he has met. She's better than them. Which, compared to the people he's met isn't saying much, but the whole concept of him thinking something highly of another IS saying much. "....."

Bernkastel lightly touches his shoulder, all the water sucked off of his body, and flung in a random direction. Courtesy of Bern of course. "......" Xavier begins to unfreeze, but quickly becomes startled when she wunds her arms around him. "The train ride, Xavier. I have nothing against your peaceful stance, but I'd like it if you stayed alive in the games. You need to win. If you win, you can go back to your... Living quarters or the Victor's District... And be at peace." He blinks. Why was she Was that the word? Notheless, she seemed very..worried. "... When I touch people, I can feel their thoughts. Don't worry about how you'll sleep tonight. I'll figure something out... Can't have you tired for training... Right, Mammon?" .....Uh.......Mammon's disappeared into a red vapor, Bern can hear his thoughts, and he's being hugged.

"......" Slowly and hesitantly, Xavier moves his arms. He doesn't quite know what he's doing, and his normality is practically screaming at him to not do what he's thinking. Metaphorically speaking of course. And was he even thinking? Xavier felt like he was drugged, but he know he isn't. What was this? Once Xavier has his arms fully around Bern, he does something he'd never do. He leaned in, and kissed her. "...."

".....!!!" A few seconds later, Xavier realizes what he's doing. He was KISSING, Bernkastel Vermilia. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! He pulls back, his eyes fully widened due to the kiss, his face now turned away, and his cheeks tinted with a bright red.
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