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    If I remember correctly, my team consists of these Pokemon;

    Emboar - My starter Pokemon chosen at the very begining of the game. A powerful fighter, even if I was hoping for a Fire-starter that didn't have Fighting as a secondary type. Never the less, he has proven his worth on multiple occasions.

    Simisage - The third Pokemon to enter my team, and the second oldest of those I currently use. While not my favourite Grass-type, his speed managed to make up for this.

    Carracosta - A truly marvelous beast. He reminded me of something half way between Omastar and Kabutops, and I will love him forever for it. His high resistance to damage was vital during the Elite Four, as well as with the duel against N. He served as a replacement to my Palpitode, who I had really only chosen due to my love of Poliwag.

    Swoobat - Even more important during the Elite Four. I'm not sure what is was about her, but by golly she was an amazing fighter. I couldn't have asked for a greater ally.

    Zebstrika - I had never been able to find an Electric type I had truly loved, so Zebstrika had to do. Never the less, he was always capable of getting the first hit, and he had his uses.

    Reshiram - Ah yes, this fellow. I'm not much for using Legendaries, always having found them relatively cheap to use, almost cheating in a way. But I couldn't resist a Dragon/Fire type, even if I had already filled my teams need for a Fire-type. He seemed to be full of surprises, and was a very interesting companion, that was for sure.
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