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At Nacrene, playing through Black so I can eventually transfer that Espeon as well as a spare Victini. :x

Pignite ♂ → 19

Blaze / Docile
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Flame Charge
- Arm Thrust

Terrible nature imo but it doesn't really matter since I'm only using it as a "starter" and I restarted forever ago, so...

Roggenrola ♀ → 16

Sturdy / Adamant
- Rock Blast
- Rock Smash
- Sand-Attack
- Headbutt

I caught this cause I kinda wanted to vary from what I'd normally play through with, and I went through about 3 of these before I found this one with the right ability and nature for what I want. :3

Lillipup ♀ → 15

Pickup / Bold
- Rock Smash
- Take Down
- Work Up
- Bite

Called it Fighter cause it sorta used Leer and Tackle when I wanted to catch it and escaped the ball so it made me think it was strong idk, good thing is that its attack is completely even with its defense.

Audino ♂ → 15

Regenerator / Lonely
- Helping Hand
- Refresh
- DoubleSlap
- Attract

Caught it because the battle in which my Lillipup participated was funny, as well as its nature...

Munna ♀ → 14

Forewarn / Bashful
- Psybeam
- Defense Curl
- Lucky Chant
- Yawn

I dunno, best Munna I could find, has good SpA / SpD so not complaining.

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