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Reviewed Map:
Originally Posted by LapeFruitz View Post
Map Name: Kontrola Town
Map Game: Firered Hack
Comments: This is the beginning town of my hack. This is the third version and I'm pretty happy about it, tell me what you think.

Review: There's something about this map I don't like. It's probably because the trees have shadowing errors. And I know that this isn't the palette rating thread but you should switch back the House and small house palettes where they belong. And in the left corner there is some grass spaces but that isn't even needed since you can't access that part of the map anyway. The shape of the pond is a bit weird, but that doesn't really matter much. Your flower placing is okay-ish...

Fill in the space at the left corner, fill in the tree shadowing, switch back the palettes, randomize the flower and bush placing a bit...