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Samurott - I started with Oshawott because it's adorable. I almost didn't want to evolve it. I named him Zombie because I had been playing Nazi Zombies on World at War that day and so it was the first name I thought of.

Simisear - A girl gave me this and I'm pretty sure Cilan knew she would since he told me to go to the Dream Yard. I'm suspicious of you Cilan. I named him Iggy because he had funny hair that reminded me of a CAW I made on Day of Reckoning that shares that name.

Musharna - I caught a little Munna in the Dream Yard because I thought it was cute and I wanted to have a Psychic Poke. I named it Mila after Mila Kunis for no apparent reason.

Throh - I caught him solely because I needed a Fighting Type to defeat the Normal Type Gym. He ended up being one of my favorites actually. I named him Lesnar after the UFC Fighter Brock Lesnar.

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