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    Xavier breathes shakily, in disbelief of all of what had just happened. He..he...hugged Bern...he....kissed her. Xavier kissed Bern. KISSED. BERNKASTEL. VERMILIA. What, what was wrong with him?! He had just showed the most complex emotion of all of them! Xavier hardly even showed the simplest of emotions, let alone affection! He..he must be drugged, or this is a dream. There's no way that his could actually be happening! "......"

    His eyes widen when Bernkastel's hand lightly turns his head to face her. Through his hair, he can see Bern's emerald eyes trail from his cheeks, to where his eyes are. She looks...oddly dazed, thoughts appearing to run through her mind. Wh-what was she thinking...? "..." Xavier's breath hitches as his lips are ran across by Bern's thumb.

    "So-sorr--" He's cut off. "Xavier... There isn't a need to apologize. Not ever. Especially when it made me realize that even if my life was taken away, I am blessed with people like you. So instead of apologizing to me, apologize to the food for making it run cold." She smiles, and he feels his lips attempt to arch forward. He didn't care what he did at this point, realizing that this, was all too real. Bern's lips hit Xavier's cheek. "...Though the food might be a little less forgiving." Xavier brushes his hair out of his eyes, to get a closer look at Bern's face. Her lips...are still arched upwards. She looks...beautiful. Xavier, on a rare occasion in his life, let's his lips raise. He is smiling at Bernkastel.
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