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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    I didn't see that Armaldo and Kingdra had Rain Dance. Anyway, Tornadus would be better to use over Accelgor.

    A Pokemon can have a total of 510 Ev's. So if you put 252 Into Speed and then 252 into Attack, you'll have 6 left over. But, only 4 of those 6 Ev's will count, so you'll always have 2 left over. When you put 255 Ev's onto a Pokemon 3 of those Ev's won't be used and if you're doing it for two stats so 255/255, you're wasting 6 which 4 of those could go into another set.

    A basic Ev spread is 4/252/252. You get me?
    This is kind of a late reply, but I still don't get it. I switched the EVs around anyway, but 255 + 255 = 510. Why will 6 EVs go "unsused"? And yeah, I switched Accelgor for Thundurus (I thought Tornadus's weakness to 100% Thunder is kind of risky.)