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    Creative idea for a team, but Haxorus isn't the largest stretch by far (Starmie as Captain America? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!)

    Anyway, rating the actual team, my main concern is that Sunny Day (or worse, Drought) teams can potentially sweep this. Since you don't run weather, it's going to be easier for them to set up their own weather. Like you mentioned, three of your team members are weak to Fire, and most teams include Tangrowth or a similar Grass-type that can Solar Beam Starmie, (in addition, Surf is going to be halved) creating a 4-Pokemon weakness to Sun teams. 2x Earthquake can counter this, but it's still something worth considering.

    Another issue, this time with Sandstorm, is that with only one immunity (Archeops) and a 4x weakness (Magnezone), and only one super-effective move on the entire team (Surf) you could potentially get sweeped by Excadrill and the likes. This is especially threatening because your wall (Magnezone) has a 4x weakness to Ground, which is alarming considering how frail the rest of the team is on average (Archeops, Starmie, Weavile, Haxorus)

    I think you managed to pull off the "Avengers" theme pretty well while creating a realistic competitive team. (I don't even know what the Avengers are, nor half the superheros you mentioned:P)