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    Originally Posted by barry guava View Post
    there is another freeze when enteriing the breeding centre. same the St Anne
    Weird. The breeding center doesn't freeze for me.
    I'm having problems activating the Wartortle script, though.
    I have a Squirtle in my team, so there shouldn't be any problems in the script. I wonder what's wrong... Maybe it's a bug.

    Here's my bug report.

    Bugs that are not reported with images:

    1. I can't access to New Island because talking to the current will turn all my PKMN to eggs. So, I decided to change warps and so that it will lead me directly to the New Island building.

    2. However, things did go any better there. After talking to Nurse Joy (When she requests me to release the PKMN), my team got turned into eggs again. How can I battle Mewtwo with a bunch of lousy eggs? So far, these are two bugs that prevent me going further into the hack.

    3. If you try and teach Bulbasaur Solarbeam in the episode - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden, it will become an egg.

    Bugs that are reported with images:

    Spelling error. Enemies is spelt wrong.

    Instead of "past" away, you should type passed away.

    To my knowledge, I picked up this Togepi egg. I didn't receive it from a traveling man. This text can be easily edited with A-Text.

    Instead of "past" away, you should type passed away.

    Correction: [player] released TOGEPI to MISTY'S care!

    It should be "elderly couple's".

    It's instead of "its".

    "Pokémon" is spelt wrong.

    Your instead "you're".

    The Exeggcute above has Porygon's cry.

    Tile error.

    Experience is spelt wrong.

    There's no need to add 'of'.

    Outer is spelt wrong.

    I can walk on this roof. Movement permission error.

    There is no need to add a " ' " after Mr. Mime.

    The "t" in "the" is cut off.

    Suggestions: I suggest that you proofread the texts, because you have quite a lot of text errors.

    Also, most of the maps (Routes, towns) are quite empty. (Fireworks said this before) I suggest you to add more trees, tall grass, bushes and flowers for routes; and more rocks, trees and flowers to fill in the towns.
    Also, you may also want to rework on Ash's sprite. It looks really ugly, no offense. You may also want to work on Cassidy and Butch's OWs too.

    Maybe you should do this in the bug fixed beta.

    Originally, I'm going to give you a 4, but due to serious bugs that are preventing me to proceed, I have to decrease your mark by 0.5.
    I am now an anime dubber, cover singer and a fan of anime. I can still apply as a translator and grammar corrector, though.
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