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    Time to post my little experiment!

    What I did was edit an otherwise clean FR Rom. I added a connection to Pallet Town from the trade center room in the Pokemon Center, then proceeded to play through both files until I could trade. Linked em up, all looked normal in the trade room (except the added connection of course). I then proceeded to walk both games up into Pallet Town.

    I passed into Pallet fine in both games, and they were still linked and I could still see the individual movements of each game's player. The problem was, none of the doors worked, eventually each game's movements desynched, so one player would be in front of the player's house in their game, but somewhere else according to the linked game. The desynching happened primarily when I walked up to Route 1 on one game. Wild Battles didn't work. I eventually got to the point where it desynched enough that the movement permissions were off, giving me some invisible walls. I successfully made it back to the trade room in both games and traded. Then tried again, thinking it as a "refresh" basically. Same deal.

    I don't think what you're envisioning is possible on the GBA games. Maybe when we're more versed in fourth gen hacking, you can use the Underground to create your region, allowing anyone to enter and play in it with you.
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