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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    1. I can't access to New Island because talking to the current will turn all my PKMN to eggs. So, I decided to change warps and so that it will lead me directly to the New Island building.

    2. However, things did go any better there. After talking to Nurse Joy (When she requests me to release the PKMN), my team got turned into eggs again. How can I battle Mewtwo with a bunch of lousy eggs? So far, these are two bugs that prevent me going further into the hack.

    3. If you try and teach Bulbasaur Solarbeam in the episode - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden, it will become an egg.
    I haven't been able to replicate these bugs - none of them turn my Pokemon into eggs. I tried it with different Pokemon and different positions in the party. Maybe try a different rom.

    If others have this problem as well, please post the team you're using and if you can remember, the order they were in.

    The St. Anne thing wasn't a problem with the warp, but a glitch with the header, which is fixed. I'll upload a new link with that bug fixed soon.
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