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I totally did see this thread coming, actually. XD I was gonna make it myself if it didn't spring up in another day or so.

Umm, well, what I like to see, other than the obvious - originality, journey fics that don't suck arse - pretty much includes the antithesis of everything I said in the other thread. While I don't tend to like angst fics because of reasons Jax and I have both stated, I find that fics dealing with depression and so on can be good to read, but I've yet to find one that actually treats the delicate subject matter right. I hold out hope, though.

I like to read fics about Champions. This is very Pokemon-specific of course, but I like to read them because they really explore what you do once you've become, well, 'the very best, like no-one ever was'. You reach the top of the ladder, and how do you keep climbing? Do you take a chance and jump? Do you fall off in disgrace? Do you take your leave, and go find a different ladder entirely to climb to the top of? These are the sorts of things I find fascinating. And I write what I like to read - hence Champion Game, Something Will Be Born, One Last Summer, and convalescence+convergence. *shrug*

As well as that, I like to see some love given to the Gym Leaders. Game Freak go out of their way to make each generation's batch of GLs a colourful, interesting bunch, but then they just leave it there! Gym Leaders are, in my opinion, the perfect balance. Some characters, like the NPCs you see around town, have tons of room for expansion, but give you nothing to build on. Others, like many of the anime characters, have plenty of places for you to start, but there's almost nowhere to go because they've filled most of it out already. Gym Leaders have so much to start with, but the games do almost nothing in exploring their backgrounds, personalities and families. What's the deal with Flannery and her grandfather? How did Elesa become the Gym Leader of this town, and also a model? How did the brash Lenora meet her shrinking violet of a husband and end up curating a museum? Where was Janine during Koga's tenure as Fuschia Gym Leader in Generation I? How did someone as young and timid as Jasmine get to be a Steel-type Gym Leader? Some of these things have been touched on and hinted at by canon, but I want to see the full story. I just find GLs fascinating.
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