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    I've been playing 3.0 on my android using gameboid and i've found some bugs or problems. First of all i did not start a new game i continued from my old one as it's my second time already playing the game (first time i missed some events because i evolved my bulbusaur, etc). The bugs are:
    1. In battle of the badge i lost to jessie and james with the machamp, etc multiple times. However when i bet the machamp team and lost to their actual team and went to verse them again, the emulator shut down. I will later test this with the same save on the computer.
    2. Just a simple movement permission error: West of cerulean city when i was heading back to mt. moon there is a random '1' which doesn't affect anything else just thought i'd post it. (Only found this because it took me a minute to realise i had to use the raft to get back to mt. moon).
    3. This third thing might be a little hard to explain.... here goes:
    after beating blastoise i headed north and i noticed a path behind the volcano i followed it to a sacred ash (which btw has no item summary or give/use selection). Then i 'rafted' north and battled a trainer. I then went back to heal my pokemon and there was a random line of water tiles going through the volcano and into the ocean. When i came back from the pkmn center the line of water tiles were gone and it went back to normal.
    4. This is probably intentional of you to have, but i noticed gary is still at the fossil place talking to the scientist even after meeting him later on.

    Anyway i will let you know if that first bug carries over to the computer shortly.
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