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    I like to see characters who make bad decisions. Not stupid decisions, where you're just sitting there slamming your head against a desk because "Really, who in their right mind does that?" is the only coherent sentence you can get out. The sort of bad decisions that make sense, are good for bad reasons (or bad for good reasons), and are kinda silly but perfectly reasonable and, bottom line, human. I like characters who I can like despite of or dislike because of their choices. And characters who are still recognizably "good guys" who do the "right thing" when it comes to the places that matter, but still have that tinge of human error that shows up in ways that don't cause plot-dominating accidents. Little things. Mistakes. And whatnot.

    That's a lot of what "non-Mary Sue" and "realistic" characters come down to. I find, though, that writers don't often have the guts to write characters who make non big-plot-pointy mistakes. So when you stumble across 'em... 'skinda a sign. XD
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