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Originally Posted by G-Virus View Post
I thought Garchomp was unbanned from ubers. Then again I don't really care about the new ubers list since it's ridiculous that they took stuff like Darkrai and Latios off there. Aw well. This is getting off track.
What you could do to help with your type weaknesses is have another pokemon that can learn water and ground type moves.
What are you talking about...? Garchomp was removed from the ban list when the fifth generation rolled around, then was determined to be overpowered again and rebanned. Darkrai was rebanned in the first round, months ago. Latios is OU, but more or less every tier list agrees that Latios and Latias are OU, so...

Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Hi. Cute team.

My primary concerns are more or less what everyone else said, particularly concerning your Fire-type weakness and weather weakness in general. You have three Fire-weak Pokemon but also three Fire resists; the only issue is that your Fire resists aren't exactly... idek, reliable. Starmie is probably the best Fire resist you have because Haxorus would prefer not to switch into something that would potentially burn him as well as being choiced limits him etc, and obviously you don't want to switch Archeops into anything if you can avoid it. :( Secondly, if Magnezone goes down for any reason, you're really susceptible to Scizor. Starmie has difficulty doing any real damage especially if it's a specially defensive variant, and it can simply set up/recover with Roost.

I think the first thing you need to do is find a replacement for Weavile. He's really... not very important for your team in general, to be honest. Doesn't do anything effective/promoting team synergy, imo. I'd like to say you should use Rotom-W; it helps by giving you a solid Fire resist, as well as providing a fair check to Excadrill/Scizor (make sure to avoid U-turn and Bug Bite!) and just is a very solid Pokemon in general. It could be War Machine, maybe? /totally just googled 'list of avengers members' :x

I'd also like to suggest you use Tyranitar > Haxorus. It's got insane special bulk and more or less helps you massively with sun teams who would otherwise be very hard to deal with, plus it gives you another solid Fire resist and gives you an opportunity to set up SR. Another possibility is Heatran; it has little difficulty with any common Sun abusers except Sawsbuck and random Earthquake on Venusaur and friends. Specially Defensive Heatran would probably be the best set, also giving you a solid switch-in to [email protected] Lastly, a more defensive build on Starmie might be of interest; you obviously want to keep rocks off the field for Archeops so keeping Starmie alive as a pivot is very important. Recover is also an option, as is HP Fire to lure Ferrothorn switches.

Good luck with your team. Dunno what else to say! :x