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    Okay, did some playtesting. (15 matches.) Results were:

    Wins: 5
    Loses: 8
    Forfeits (against me): 2 (While I was winning, too, sour losers)
    (All Cursed Body)

    I drew a few conclusions:

    -Cursed Body is useless (it's worked before, but during ALL 15 matches it didn't take effect, not once. And there were three matches in which Water Absorb would have come in handy)
    -Mienshao doesn't do it's job right.
    -TrickScarf Azelf cripples Jelly (but that was already kind of obvious)
    -My team DESTROYS other Rain teams (Aries 1HKOed all 6 of the opponent's pokemon, without ever switching)
    -I need another Physical sweeper
    -Aries is fine as a lead

    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
    If you're worried about Focus Blasts accuracy on Thundurus just change it to Hp Ice.

    Thunder + Hp Ice could create the infamous combo; BoltBeam (Which is Thunderbolt and Ice Beam) but variations work. Thundurus also wants a Timid nature. Since Attack isn't being used.

    Mienshaos Ev's are messed up. I see you're trying to run a mixed set.

    I use Mienshao on nearly all of my teams running this set; 212 Atk / 44 SpA / 252 Spe / Naive nature.
    U-Turn / Hp Ice / Fake Out / Hi-Jump Kick

    I'd also make Kingdra full on offensive, with 4 Hp / 252 Spa / 252 Spe @Choice Specs and a Modest nature.
    Surf/Hydro Pump / Ice Beam / Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse / Flash Cannon

    It's movepool may not be bustling but it works with what it has. Set-Up the rain and watch her destroy things.

    Make sure Jellicent has Water Absorb. It makes things a lot easier when covering Thundurus/Armaldo against Water type Moves.
    kingdra set sounds nice, thanks, but I'm giving up Mienshao.

    Originally Posted by dreyko View Post
    thundurus also gets a weakness to electric type attacks, so it really just personal preference on tornadus vs thundurus as a rain dance user.

    let me try to help clear things up.

    for every four EV points 1 point is added to that particular stat that you are EV training in. putting 255 EV's into stats wastes four EV's or the equivalent of 1 point. it wastes the EV's because those extra 3 EV's you put into that stat will not add up to one point. so, your better off just putting 252 EV's into the stats because 252 + 252 = 504 this means that there are a total of 6 EVs left over, 4 of which you can invest into one extra point.

    hope this wasn't too confusing =)
    Thanks for clearing the EV thing a bit more, but Thundurus takes neutral damage from Electric??

    I will update my team later, including Kingdra, Jelly and Mienshao's replacement, later (I don't have time to do it now)