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hey guys, I bought a final fantasy viii copy a few week ago (because i sold my first one with my ps1 a long time ago) and I have the dumbest problem on earth! I can't take out the 2nd and 3rd cds!! I also bought a final fantasy ix copy too but they came with a different "holder" thats easy but this one... I don't knwo what to do!

It's very rigid and no matter where you push it or how you push it wont let go of the cd and I've tried everything but it doesn't work... and well... I'm getting near the end of the first cd xD it's really pissing me off and it makes me nervous the fact that I wont be able to play it because the case wont let go of it ¬¬" anyways, help me please!! and thanks a lot forehand!

I've posted some pictures so it helps!
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