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I started this file awhile ago and I am just now getting around to playing it. lol
  • Picked Totodile as my starter, but I soft reset until I got a female one.
  • Trained to level 10, went through to get my PokeDex and beat my rival.
  • Caught a Modest Hoothoot, started to train it but then I realized I don't like it. lol
  • Caught a female Rash Weedle - I figured since my last game I trained a Butterfree why not train a Beedrill?
  • Currently Weedle is level 6.

  • Evolved Weedle into Beedrill.
  • Went through Sprout Tower and beat the gym.
  • Got the Togepi, Slugma, Mareep, and Wooper eggs.
  • Did the Unown puzzle.
  • Went down to Ilex Forest and caught an Oddish.
  • I began to use the PokeWalker and cheat it for steps, I have all the paths unlocked that you can get before the E4 - I just transferred over a Smoochum and Murkrow to my team.
  • A small note about the PokeWalker, I didn't know you can find Pokemon (like you find extra watts) while walking when there is no Pokemon in the game and have it become the main one you battle with. That happened twice already, once with a Sentret and again with a Ratatta.
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