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    This looks... pretty awesome. I'm surprised nobody else has commented yet.
    Firstly, I commend you on programming an engine from scratch. Secondly, I'm surprised at how many similarities your engine has with a project I've been working on sporadically (I personally haven't made much progress with it yet, but I hope to resume it soon).
    Anyway... I notice you're using a larger resolution (640x480, right?). The splash screen and larger trainer sprites you have look gorgeous so far. But what's your reasoning for not also increasing the tile size? Judging from the overworld sprites, it's still 16x16... Also, have you got larger Pokémon sprites already (you're not looking for a Pokémon spriter)?
    Next, when you say 'gen 5 graphics', does this include the 3D overworld and battle scene? Or do you mean the 5th gen graphical style in 2D like other games on this forum?
    Finally, is there any particular reason you chose C# and XNA? Neither my desktop nor laptop can run XNA games natively. I've been playing Terraria (a 2D XNA game) through a Mono wrapper on Mac OS X, as it won't run on Windows due to XNA's hardware requirements; I assume Mono is how you're planning to port to non-Microsoft platforms.

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