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    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    How are you doing the 3D map editor? Is it tile-based?
    This is probably the hardest part of this whole project, and its really the main tool that is driving success at the moment.

    It is mainly tile-based. Currently we can freely place trainers, npc's, and objects (trees, buildings, etc...) around on the map. Each thing we can place, including the tiles, can have a script assigned to them. Scripts can be accessed on touch or on activation.

    Depth is one thing we're still mapping (dohoho) out. I had an idea that before placing a 3D object, you could use the mouse-wheel or something to adjust the height. Pathways can probably use some small tool that would create a ramp, in which you could adjust the length and or height, and be able to place tiles onto it.

    The last thing i want to do is re-create hammer editor from the Source SDK, but as we near our alpha release, it may seem like a viable development path to head toward.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    For events, I see you're using scripting. Is this difficult to implement?
    The Lua library we're using makes things a blast. Our goal is to make scripting easy for the mappers so they dont have to worry about learning some huge language in order to get things done. Implementing it took some research, but it wasn't difficult at all.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    Also, in the first post, it mentions an 'innovative UI'. Am I correct in saying this will be mouse-controlled?
    Sure, you can use your mouse for the UI. You don't have to, but it's an option. The innovative part is to make the transition from the DS to the PC a comfortable one. Elements in the UI will definitely be a plus for users with a mouse, but it should be accessable to someone who is playing just on their keyboard, or if they wanted to use a gamepad to play with as well.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    There's a library called Monogame (I think) that lets you port XNA games to *nix systems, which was what I was referring to. You could look into that later.
    Monogame is definitely blooming as a very respectable tool for porting XNA games to *nix; however, porting the game to another system is the last thing to do (and it might not even be on our list). If fans are serious about playing this game, they will either already be using windows, or they can go through the trouble of getting it working on their system.
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