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Competitive Pokemon RPG ParticipantsRanking SystemShop
Hey there, glad you decided to take a look at this. It's basically a league of sorts that you can participate in. While taking part you may slowly climb levels and earn things, same as an RPG. You can select team classes and join up with other members if you'd like to play in parties (Not implemented yet). It's a very comprehensive system that I've spent quite a bit of time planning out, so I really hope you enjoy yourself and take part in this one of a kind challenge. It's very different so don't expect it to be easy, or even familiar. It is competitive, however it will require completely rebuilt teams and you'll need to completely rethink how you've ever played the game. Keep in mind that I will always be up for ideas here, none of this is set in stone (For the most part). Also, all battles will take place on the PokeCommunity Server on Pokemon Online. You can find connection info in the announcements for this section.


Class: Sun
Forum Username: I Date Flaffy's
PO Username: ExBlankaBall

Class: Sand
Forum Username: Impo
PO Username:Impo
Join Form:
Trainer Image: (Link to one from here:
Forum Username:
PO Username:
Ranking System
Each participant will start the game out with the same Pokemon to select for their class. You can start out in one of three different classes, and from there either buy Pokemon or classes to expand from that. The three classes you can start in are Sun, Sand, and Rain. You will be given a set of Pokemon for whichever class you pick. The team, items, movesets and EVs will be up to you. This is the point gainage system:

Participate in a Battle: +5 Exp, +10 PokeDollars
Win a Battle: +15 Exp, +20 PokeDollars
Beat a Leader: +30 Exp, +50 PokeDollars
Beat all Leaders: + 60 Exp, +100 PokeDollars
Beat Champion: +100 Exp, +200 PokeDollars
Leaders and the Champion will be decided later through a series of test battles. For now though just consider them unavailable. Now, here is how the leveling system will go:

Level 1: You start on this level.
Level 2: 15 Exp (Gain Jolteon for usage)
Level 3: 30 Exp (Gain Hippowdon for usage)
Level 4: 45 Exp (Gain Umbreon for usage)
Level 5: 60 Exp (Gain Bronzong for usage)
Level 6: 80 Exp (Gain Quagsire for usage)
Level 7: 100 Exp (Gain Jellicent for usage)
Level 8: 130 Exp (Gain Celebi for usage)
Level 9: 160 Exp (Gain Heatran for usage)
Level 10: 190 Exp (Gain Zapdos for usage)
Level 11: 230 Exp (Gain Jirachi for usage)
Level 12: 270 Exp (Gain Espeon for usage)
Level 13: 310 Exp (Gain Volcarona for usage)
Level 14: 350 Exp (Gain Scizor for usage)
Level 15: 400 Exp (Gain Rotom-W for usage)
Level 16: 450 Exp (Gain Gliscor for usage)
Level 17: 500 Exp (Gain Conkeldurr for usage)
Level 18: 550 Exp (Gain Skarmory for usage)
Level 19: 600 Exp (Gain Dragonite for usage)
Level 20: 700 Exp (Gain Salamence for usage)
Level 21: 800 Exp (Gain Starmie for usage)
Level 22: 900 Exp (Gain Sigilyph for usage)
Level 23: 1000 Exp (Gain Latias for usage)
Level 24: 1500 Exp (Gain Latios for usage)
Level 25: 2000 Exp (You can use any Pokemon you'd like)
Yes level 25 seems like a hard objective to achieve, but not only will the gyms be available for challenge continuously, there will be small events here and there that award a certain amount of points based on difficulty and such. There will also be items available for purchase that can double experience game, or even triple. Also, you can stack awards, so, for example, if you reach level 10 without replacing any Pokemon on your team, you can switch out 3 of your Pokemon the second you hit level 10. Now, these are the Pokemon that will be available to each class (Remember that Swift Swim is banned, so even if a Pokemon with it is listed (Unless you've opted out of using Politoed), you have to use it's secondary ability):

Rain: Politoed, Omastar, Kabutops, Swampert, Tentacruel, Vaporeon, Blissey, Azumarill
Sun: Ninetails, Charizard, Tangrowth, Flareon, Infernape, Sunflora, Blissey, Jumpluff
Sand: Tyranitar, Sandslash, Regirock, Cradily, Cacturne, Flygon, Escavalier, Nosepass

Of course, you'll be able to purchase more to add to your availability, but you've got to get those points first.


Gyarados: 50 PokeDollars
Venusaur: 100 PokeDollars
Excadrill: 100 PokeDollars
Landorus: 100 PokeDollars
Thundurus: 100 PokeDollars
Dugtrio: 50 PokeDollars
Magnezone: 50 PokeDollars
Deoxys: 100 PokeDollars
Ferrothorn: 100 PokeDollars
Forretress: 50 PokeDollars
Gengar: 75 PokeDollars
Reuniclus: 100 PokeDollars
Ludicolo: 50 PokeDollars
Your Choice: 200 PokeDollars

Lucky Egg (Doubles your experience gain): 350 PokeDollars
Really Lucky Egg (Triples your experience gain): 500 PokeDollars
Rare Candy (Automatically raises your level by 1): 250 PokeDollars
Amulet Coin (Doubles your PokeDollar gain): 500 PokeDollars

Other Classes
Hyper Offense: 750 PokeDollars
Full Stall: 500 PokeDollars
Hail: 500 PokeDollars
Trick Room: 500 PokeDollars
Also keep in note that any Pokemon you buy or have will not be lost when you buy a new class, instead all Pokemon in that class will also be available to you. Rare Candy is the only item that can be bought more than one time, as it's the only one that gets used up.

Ranking Bar
Well, if you'd like to tell everyone what level you are in your signature, feel free to use this little bit of CSS here (Just replace the 25 with your current level):


[url=""][css-div="background: url('') center center no-repeat; width: 180px; height: 65px; line-height: 58px; font-family: verdana; font-size: 29px; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: right; padding-right: 20px; text-shadow: #222222 0px -1px 0px;"]25[/css-div][/url]
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