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    Originally Posted by MajorLeagueGamer View Post
    any fixes for the battles yet, or are you still workin on them?
    BTW I love the background music! Harvest Moon! :D
    Yup, it's Harvest Moon!

    Unfortunately, I'm still working on it. I'll say as soon as I manage to fix it. :/

    For now, I can only show some things I've been working on:

    This is the Sitia Museum of Science; aside from the usual fossil revival, you'll also be able to get some maps to explore the desert, and get to know several secrets and tips to solve the puzzles within that arid region.

    And a second map:

    This time, I'd like to add the author comments:
    Hello, and, again, welcome to the PBC!

    PBC stands for Pokémon Battling Committee; in short, this is the company that organizes tournaments in the Pokémon World, and as such, organized the tournament in Orthan (in association with Time Co., led by Mr. Eldes).

    You should know the tournament by now, but I'll say it anyways; the championship is comprised of two challenges; participating trainers can choose to defeat all eight Gym Leaders, or all five Colosseums, or a combination of both (for instance, five badges and two colosseums), culminating in the Elite Four battle.

    In case you're wondering, you do hear what I said in the beginning, just to make sure you'll get the reference when you enter this building. :3

    Here is version 1:

    And version 2, slightly modified by yours truly. |3

    Lastly, I'm putting this up here in the same way I put it up on dA and other places, as a way of allowing people to participate as well.

    In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, there was a Pre-Gym in Phenac City for trainers to attend a kind of Gym prototype.

    Pokémon Nightmare being a kind of sequel to it, we'll have a different kind of thing.

    The name is still Pre-Gym, but this time, they belong to Gym Leaders who couldn't enter the Mega League, and as such, were left behind. Their Gyms still exist, however.

    That's where you come in. I'm accepting Pre-Gym Leader applications.

    Once again, you'll need to fill out a simple application form:

    Trainer Name:
    Gym Type:
    One/Two Sentences for meeting eyes:
    One Sentence for defeat:
    One/Two Sentences for speaking after being defeated:
    Pokémon in the Team and their Level:

    You can also make profiles for the trainers in the gym.

    There's only one Pre-Gym right now, which is in Costa City. It's a Dragon Type Gym, so you know you're bound to have freedom in types!


    Well, that's all!