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    OminousMix you are accepted! Sorry it took me so long, I've been trying to think of a good first post. And everyone, the devices they steal from the lab are to communicate with all pokemon. They can already talk to the legendaries. Our backpacks can be fairly bottomless, just don't say something like "And he put in all the food in the kitchen" or something. Without a further ado, lets get on with the show!

    Adriane sat on a big tree stump. She sighed. Her parents we're captured by the legendaries yesterday, but she was able to hide. But to her dismay, she had to hide inside the toilet, with the lid closed. The legendaries didn't think of looking in there, like she figured. She'd rather sit inside of a toliet for a couple of minutes than be captured by the evil legendaries. The whole town was vancent. Everyone had been kidnapped, and the legendaries were too busy capturing people in other towns to make sure this one was vanent. A tear welled up in her eye.
    She sniffled. She was lonely, and missed her parents and friends. She heard a unnatural woosh of wind and her heart stopped. She shot up and went to run for her house, but she was too late. In front of her was a pink pokemon. It was about two feet tall, and totally pink, except for of course it's eyes. She reconised it as mew, a legendary pokemon.

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I've been watching you. I've been looking for someone to trust, and to help us."A girl voice, sounding a bit young, filled her head.

    "Us?"Adriane asked.

    "The legendary rebels. Me, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit, Latias, and Latios. We don't agree with killing all of the humans. We want to help free them, and if possible not have to hurt the other legendaries in the process."Mew explained."Will you help us?"

    Adriane took a deep breath and swallowed, than nodded.

    "Yes, I'll help you."Adriane said weakly.

    "We need to leave here."Mew said.

    "Can I gather some stuff?"Adriane asked.

    "Yes."Mew said.

    Adriane walked to her house with Mew fallowing. She was being as quiet as possible, incase a bad legendary could some how here her. She walked to her room. She picked up her dark purple backpack. She put in a change of cloths and a small jar of gum, in case she got hungry and didn't want to eat down her food suplise, because gum got rid of her hunger usually. She put her black camera, along with her cell phone. She put in her hair brush, and her journal. She put in a folder full of paper,
    a couple of penciels, and a couple of pens. She put in her sleeping bag. She put her MP3 in a side pocket, and her wallet, why she didn't know. She put on her black belt and hooked the six pokeballs on it that had been sitting on the nightstand. She walked to the kitchen. She fixed a metal thurmas in the waterbottle compartment of her backpack. Than she put in ten cans of different foods, and a spoon and fork, and manual can opener. She put in a extra bottle of water, and zipped up her backpack.

    "Well, thats all I can fit. Hopefully it'll last...if I only eat as much as I have to. And we'll probably find some fruit and stuff in the wild."Adriane said putting on her backpack.

    Suddenly, she glowed slightly purple. She felt odd power surging threw her.

    "Now you may use my powers."Mew said.

    "Awesome."Adriane said softly.


    Ok guys. We all can use our partner's powers. Your post has to include:

    1. You saying your all alone (your town/city is vacent)
    2. You meeting your legendary.
    3. You packing (you have to include everything you put in your backpack then.)
    4. You learning you can use your legendary's powers.

    This is not a chapter rp. I just want to make sure everyone's first post contains what it should. You can not post again in till everyone has posted one time. I know thats agervating, but I want to keep everyone around the same time. I say when it becomes night and day and such. Make sure you don't time skip or anything, expecially if I don't say you can. I do need a co-owner, so if you want to just say so and the first person to say so will be. Your post doesn't have to be as long as mine, but you have to make sure it has at least two decent sized paragrahs and some talking. Thanks guys, let the rp begain! After everyone has posted once, its pretty much free posting after that, just use your head, and no double posting guys, unless its been the right amount of time according to the PC RP rules.

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