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(Ooc: Sweet, it's starting!)

Everything was deserted. The center, the mart, even the inn. Spike was hiding in a dumpster hiding from the legendaries. His parents were taken, & he knew they were coming for him. It was pretty vacant inside, & smelly, but it was the only place he knew where to hide. Plus, the legendaries would never have the time to look in the dumpster. Spike wasn't afraid though. He knew he would get his parents back. He didn't know how, but he was gonna.

Suddenly he heard footsteps. They sounded light. Was it a human? He looked out & saw a cute girl walking around. She could get kidnapped, so Spike got out of the dumpster & greeted her.

"Excuse me. This place is dangerous! You shouldn't be here!" The girl only stared at her, then she spoke.

"You are who I am looking for." Spike looked confused from the voice in his head, until the girl transformed into Latias, a legendary. Spike stepped back quickly.

"You can't scare me!" Spike got ready, but Latias made no move.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I am with the legendary rebels. We think harming the humans is wrong, & we want to stop the legendaries without hurting them too."

So their are others that are willing to help. "What do I have to do?" He asked.

"Just come with me, & I will guide you then." Spike thought through this very clearly, & he agreed.

"Can I get a few stuff first?" There were stuff he wanted to get first, like his Pokemon.

"You may." With his answer Spike ran as fast as he can to his old house.

When inside, he got his headband representing his courage & strength. He opened his bag & went around getting stuff. A couple bagels, doritos, numchuks, his journal, two sandwiches, cans of soup, a lighter to cook just in case, his cellphone, & wallet for some reason. Hopefully this would last him long. He put on his belt with his Pokemon in their Pokeballs attached & left.

When Spike got outside, he felt a red aura flow in him, & Latias appears. "I'm lending you my powers for better protection."

"I'm not cut out for I feel light?" When Spike looked below himself, he realized he was floating.

"You can now fly, & do much more." Latias explained. Spike was shocked, & flailed around like crazy, terrified.

"Get me down! GET ME DOWN!" He was really terrified, & he set back on foot.

"It's okay, just hop on me, close your eyes & it'll be over before you know it." Spike wasn't gonna like this, but if he were to get anywhere, he needed transportation. So he got on Latias, & she went high to the sky slowly. Spike had his eyes closed & held on to Latias real tight so he wouldn't freak, & Latias took off.

(Ooc: Tell me if I did good with my post. I worked hard on it.)

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