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    "Wow..." Lance said quietly and took off his shades as he entered Goldenrod City. He was surprised to see how a once crowded and busy city was now reminiscent of a ghost town. His heart beat faster as he took another step. He knew what the legendary Pokémon were doing. He knew they were behind this odd sight. And he knew they were probably after him. He walked towards the Goldenrod Mall, ready tog et some supplies. The clerks weren't there, and he wasn't proud of what he was going to do, but he felt there was no other way. He was going to "borrow" some supplies from the Mall.

    He walked inside the big building and saw nobody around. Good...I guess... He gulped down some saliva and walked towards the store in which they sold Potions. He grabbed a Hyper Potion and was about to put it inside his bag when he felt something move. He knew it wasn't another human, and this deduction made his heart beat even faster. He quickly put that Hyper Potion and two more. Now...I need Full Heals... He quickly spotted them and started putting some inside his bag. But when he was done with the fifth one, he felt the same thing move again, but this time he could sense it was closer to him. He hastily put his bag back on his shoulders after closing all openings. Dammit. The legendaries found me...I gotta run... He desperately grabbed the Pokéball that contained his Charmander with one hand and the one containing Zubat with the other one and tried to make a run for it deep inside the mall. As he got close to the elevators, he saw a blue blur in front of him. Uh-oh... Lance sent out the aforementioned Pokémon and grabbed the Pokéballs containing Squirtle and Primeape. He sent them out and told them to be on the lookout. The blur dashed in front if him again and this caused him to freak out even more and send out his remaining Pokémon: Geodude and Elekid.

    "Okay guys...I think the Legendary Pokémon have found me." Lance whispered, "This is probably the end...” He gulped down once more as the blur kept moved past him and his Pokémon at high speeds. He dropped on his knees and looked down on the floor. “I never wanted to end this way...Run away...Get out of here and save yourselves...” he whispered as tears formed in his eyes. “I...I don’t want you guys to see me dying...”

    “That won’t be necessary...” a deep voice which startled Lance said. The blue blur stopped moving in front of Lance. The boy looked up at the being before him with eyes full of fear. “P-please d-don’t kill me...” he said, trying not to cry. His Pokémon circled the blue Pokémon, looking ready to defend their trainer and friend.

    “Oh, you can relax, I am not here to kill you.” The blue Pokémon said in a calm voice tone, “I know you’re scared of the legendaries because of what they are doing. And I know you and many others do not deserve what they are doing to humans.”

    “R-really?” Lance said, his heart rate slowing down a little bit and his Pokémon calming down as well. He wiped the tears that were about to fall down his cheeks with his right arm. “Yes.” The Pokémon answered with a smile. “I have been watching you. I have seen how you treat your Pokémon. You are kind to them.”

    “Of course I’m kind to them...” Lance said, still scared. “Th-they are the only friends I have...”

    “I see...” the Pokémon said, “Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am Latios. I, along with 5 others who are against this kidnapping., have been searching for a kind trainer that could help me defeat the other legendaries.” Lance’s eyes opened wide “What? We can’t defeat the legendaries by ourselves!” he said, sounding surprised, “Not that I don’t believe in my Pokémon...I do...But they’re too strong!” Latios looked at Lance and smiled. “Calm down.” he said, but the boy didn’t seem to calm down. “What if they see me? They’ll turn me to putty before I can say “Look out!”...”

    “I said calm down.” Latios said, raising his voice as the boy took a deep breath, “I know how to help you with that...”

    Lance scratched his head and the blue Pokémon smiled. “I am going to let you use some of my powers.” This generated more questions thatn answers in the boy’s mind. “Isn’t that...gonna take a while? Shouldn’t all I need first?”

    Latios smiled. “Very well. As you wish.”

    “M-mind if I take it from here? I know it’s stealing...but if I go out there...I’m a dead man.” Lance said with a hint of fear in his voice. “Besides, after it’s all over, I promise I’ll return everything...”

    “Relax, boy.” The Eon Pokémon said with a smile on his face. “I will take care of that, do not worry.”

    Lance nodded and walked with his Pokémon and Latios to the Grocery store in there. He took some Pokémon food, sandwiches, forks, knives and spoons and put them in his bag. He took some hair pomade too, to keep his hair styled after waking up, which made Latios laugh quietly. He took some sheets, three more pairs of jeans like the one he was wearing at that moment, five pens and put them in his bag as well. After that, the small group headed over to the Potions store again and Lance put many Revives and Max Potions inside that bag, which was beginning to get heavy. He threw in a couple Escape Ropes and Super Repels as well, then went over to the vending machines and, with the help of Primeape, got ten bottles of freash water, ten of lemonade and ten of Soda Pop. However, after putting these last items inside the bag it became too heavy, and Latios could see that.

    "Are you ready to go?" the Eon Pokémon asked, and Lance responded with a nod as he sent his Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs. "Good." Latios said and grabbed his arm, with his eyes closed. Lance wondered what was going on, but decided to stay quiet, as what Latios was doing was for his own good. "There." the Eon Pokémon said, as movething nearby moved and Lance got even more scared. "What's going on?" the boy asked, but Latios told him to stay quiet and to hop on him and hold tight afterwards. Lance did as told and Latios then became invisible and dashed off at unbelievable speeds into the sky above them.

    "Wait, Latios!" Lance said, "Aren't the legendaries gonna be suspecting of a boy moving up in the air at high speeds?" Latios giggled. "Relax. You are invisible now. Once we get to a safer place, you shall know how to turn visible and invisible whenever you like." The kid nodded as Latios landed at the top of the Olivine Lighthouse. "Wow..." Lance said and looked at Latios in awe. "Okay, now stand still." the altter said and closed his eyes again. The boy then felt lighter as he glowed blue. But this glow lasted for just a few seconds, and after it faded, Lance could feel something running through his body. "Wha-what happened?!" the boy said, breathing at a faster pace.

    "Take it easy, boy." Latios said calmly, "I have lent you some of my powers for a little while. You can now become visible and invisible at will, alteryour appearance and move at high speeds like me. You also have psychic powers now."

    "Gee, thanks Latios!" Lance said, but Latios shushed him. "But use them wisely, as they can take out a lot of your energy, which would lead to your fall. And we do not want that, right? So use them if it is absolutely necessary." Lance nodded, and the Blue Pokémon then told him to hop on his back again, as they'd have to take off again. The boy did as told again and turned invisible after doing what Latios told him to. "Attaboy" the Eon Pokémon said before taking off at high speeds.