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    Cress was just waking up from his slumber Eterna Forest. He now full of energy exited the forest and went to Eterna City. While entering the city he didn't see a single soul...he thought to himself:

    "This, something's up....i have to look around and figure it out".

    He scouted the entire city but didn't find anyone, just as he was going to the local Pokemart to restock on supplies a child about 10 years old grabbed his hand and asked him quietly:

    "Mister can you help me...they took my parents..please mister..."

    Cress saw the child was in need, and quickly changed his expression to a somewhat cheerful one to try and comfort the child. He said:

    "Don't worry, i'm on it! Just tell me what to do and i'll follow."

    The child showed Cress the way, they went all the way to the far east of the city, near a cave entrance.

    "This is it, they're inside can you help me, please, you're the only one"
    The child said nervously.

    Cress not even responding grabbed the child's hand and went inside the cave. The two boys went deep inside the cave and suddenly when they reached the deepest part heard some noises. They hid behind a wall in the cave and Cress told the child to stay put. He took a quick peek at the situation and saw....humans being held captive by enraged hostile pokemon, some too late to save...some that there's still hope for.
    He jumped out behind the wall and viciously enraged but in a calm voice said:

    "You pokemon, stop doing that...pathetic little fools, what you're doing will only lead to your own destruction.The enslaving of humans won't change a thing, you're just signing your own death warrants. Release the humans now, or i'll have to show you nightmares...of true darkness..."

    The pokemon laughed at him and quickly assaulted him. Cress sent out his partner Sneasel and fought off as many as he could. Him and his partner fought off atleast half of the hostiles...but they were now at their limits. Physically and mentally worn out...they were experiencing troubles standing on their feet and blurred vision.

    Cress said with a deep breath and a dry throat:
    "Heh, sorry kid but i couldn't help you after all. Sneasel sorry for failing you partner, but i promise....i'll make it up to you run out of here, and leave these guys to me..."

    Sneasel wasn't willing to give up on his partner, he stood up and faced the hostiles. The hostiles atacked but just then a Blue Light appeared and the hostiles plus the heroes stopped looking at it in amazement. The hostiles atacked anyway, but then the Blue Light thrusting a barrage of Flames and Stones eliminated them all and secured the rescue of the humans.

    Cress, all injured, said to the light:
    "Ugghhh....You, who are you? Why did you come here....i could've done this have no need to help nor are you connected with any of this....But, if i'm wrong...Tell me....Why did you help us now and this world, is there still hope for it?"

    The Light vanished, and out of it appeared a legendary pokemon named Azelf.It said:

    "You're a funny human, i sense strength in you, but you must master it first.I am azelf the legendary pokemon of willpower. I wish to help humans, but without any will in powers are virtually useless....
    You, i sensed your will to fight, i sensed your pokemon's will to knew you wouldn't last but you didn't give up, just for a child you just met. I helped you not because i knew i had to, but your and your pokemon's willpower summoned me....I feel as though we are tied by the destinies of our own will. I've been rebelling against the hostiles, they are a group of legendaries that influence pokemon in the enslaving of humans. Me, Mew, Uxie, Mesprit, Latias and Latios....Feel it is just to protect the weak humans against the corrupted pokemon, but without the humans having any desire to fight to survive...we will fail. That is why we set out searching for a person, a partner if you win to help us in our battle.This world i don't know if there's still hope, but if there is....Are you willing to help me fight for that hope?"

    Cress stood up, clenched his fists, and with a resolve seen in his eyes he said:

    "Yes! I will help you, i will fight for that hope, i will fight for this world...our world. Just tell me what i need to do and i will accomplish it without fail. Now then before we leave to set out on a journey to save humanity, will you mind if i restock up on supplies? I think this will be a tedious journey...and well...i haven't had chesse to eat in a while...*blushes slightly*...and well, i'm hungry. *Stomach Growl*

    "Hahaha~! You are quite funny for a human...Ofcourse you can eat, after all it's only natural. We will both need food and supplies...remember you can't just go on need a strategy aswell. Well i think this journey might be fun. Okay let's go stock up and save hummanity. Aye?"

    Cress went to the PokeMart and bought all needed supplies. He bought 12 pounds of chesse, 5 bottles of fresh water, 7 cans of lemonade, 5 pounds of meat, some veggies, a cooking pot, some gum, a map of the entire region, 4 spoons, 4 forks and a little white camera. He put them all in his sack-backpack.

    "Are you ready now? You've gotten everything right? :O Cause we won't be back for a while...and we'll i don't want an awkward moment or any--"
    Said azelf but then it noticed that cress was already 30 feet ahead and screamed at him sweating: "HEY!!!"

    Without paying attention, while moving Cress pointed forward and screamed "ONWARD!! WE WILL BEAT THEM AND SAVE THE WORLD, THAT'S A PROMISE, ONE THAT WON'T BE BROKEN NO MATHER WHAT!!"

    Then he looked up at the evening sky with a smal smile as if he was thinking of someone...someone really dear...

    The heroes proceeded on, thinking of they upcoming journey they're about to undertake...
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