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So, Update 1:
Started on FireRed as Male named Seren.
Chose Squirtle, named her Adwaita, and beat Bulbasaur.
After some searching, found a Weedle that Adwaita didn't kill with two hits and caught SuzumeBchi.
SuzumeBchi evolved into Kakuna on the way out of Viridian Forest.
Got to Pewter City and went to the Gym. SuzumeBchi poisoned both of Camper Liam's pokemon and brought them down to about 50% before being knocked out. Adwaita bubbled both, then learned Water Gun to OHKO Brock's Geodude and Onix.
SuzumeBchi evolved into Beedrill on the way to Mt. Moon
Adwaita evolved into Wartortle inside the mountain
Grinded to 20 for both before facing my rival - both took out half his pokemon without problems, then Adwaita solo'd the Nugget Bridge with Bite and Water Gun.
Helped Bill out and returned to the Pokemon Center

Adwaita - Level 24 Brave Female Wartortle (Hero)
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Bite, Withdraw

SuzumeBchi - Level 20 Timid Male Beedrill (Bug)
Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Twineedle, Fury Attack