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    Okay, something about the team needs to change. I was playtesting again, I was going for 15 matches but I stopped at 6 because I lost every single match. Something needs to change.

    Libra does it's job splendidly, Aries sets up Rain reliably, and that's as far as I go. Gemini doesn't wall in competetive battles as effeciently as I expected, especially compared to Libra. Virgo doesn't sweep too well, Yawn is useless, will change it for the moveset somebody recommended, but all in all Virgo doesn't do much. Capricorn... has her moments of usefulness, but he doesn't sweep too well either. I might switch him for Dragonite. Cancer...he does his job about as well as Armaldo did, so Toxicroak is up for testing. We'll see if he does better.

    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    I don't know if your still looking for a Physical Sweeper, but here is one option. Just as something to consider, Toxicroak may be a good choice. I'm not recommending Toxicroak as a replacement for anything, but while you're testing out effective Rain Sweepers, Toxicroak may do a lot for your team.

    Toxicroak @ Life Orb / Expert Belt / Black Sludge
    Dry Skin
    252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    Adamant [+Attack; -Sp.Attack]
    - Swords Dance
    - Sucker Punch
    - Cross Chop / Poison Jab
    - Stone Edge / Earthquake

    Toxicroak has great typing, the Fighting/Poison combination give it a bunch of useful resistances including Rock, Fighting, Dark, Bug, Poison, Grass, and in tandem with Dry Skin, a Water immunity. Better yet, with Dry Skin, Toxicroak isn't half as Defensively inept as it's base stats would imply. Now, allow me to talk about Dry Skin for a bit... It's basically Water Absorb but with a few perks. Yes, Toxicroak has Water immunity and recovers 25% of it's HP when hit with a Water type attack. However, with Rain support, Toxicroak will also heal 12.5% of its HP every turn (couple that with Black Sludge? Yes please). That being said, Toxicroak will take an extra 25% damage from Fire type attacks and lose 12.5% of its HP if the weather is Sun. But hey, Fire looses its power in the Rain anyway, so it's safe to say that Dry Skin's benefits outweigh its shortcomings, at least in most cases. On to the Attacks. Toxicroak has access to a pretty substantial move pool and with Swords Dance, which commands most of Toxicroak's popularity, you're set up for some threatening sweeping. As if Toxicroak needed a more respectable move pool, it has in it's arsenal, Sucker Punch. The strongest priority move, especially if you've gotten a boost from Swords Dance. It's sure to take out any fragile sweepers Toxicroak may face and make those Psychic and Ghost types think twice about taking him on. As I'm sure you know, Sucker Punch comes with its own set of disadvantages, so prediction is going to come into play when using it. In addition to Swords Dance and Sucker Punch, Toxicroak has a few more interesting niches that make it such a powerful opponent. You could go with Cross Chop and Stone Edge, a nice Fighting/Rock combination that will give you wide coverage, a STAB attack (granted you have a lower accuracy and less PP), and the chance of a serious critical hit. Theoretically, you could go with the Wide Lens to up Stone Edge's accuracy from 80% to 88%, but it comes at the cost of an offensive item slot. Second, you could go with Poison Jab and Earthquake. While Poison Jab is there for the STAB (a less powerful STAB but with reliability and plenty of PP), Earthquake provides a powerful move that will hit pretty much anything. Now on to items. Personally, I like the Life Orb. It will give you the biggest boost to Attack, 30% exactly, and you can heal off the recoil in the Rain. The Expert Best provides a lesser boost of 20% to super effective Attacks, but at no cost to HP. Black Sludge is only listed because you're already healing a whole bunch, why not more?

    So anyway, again, I thought I would just throw Toxicroak out there for you to test while you're looking for Physical Sweepers. The biggest downfall to this whole thing is that Toxicroak doesn't have Swift Swim, which is probably the most essential Ability to have in tandem with Rain. But hey, people have been living without it during its ban and doing well for themselves. Maybe you can too.

    Good luck! :3