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Currently I was in hiding, reluctantly. I was hiding due to the current world epidemic. Legendary pokemon were abducting all humans due to one selfish pokemon trainer. God how I would love to have a few words with the idiot, set him straight. I had found out about this via. the news, it wasn't exactly accurate.. It just revealed that loads of people were going missing, I pieced together the rest. I was in the bedroom of my grandmother's house, lying under the bed. It was dusty, this was the spare room. I was the last person to stay the night here, over a year ago. It had been ages since I'd last eaten. I risked going to the bathroom a few hours back. It was worth it. Over the last hour everything had been quiet, I could hear myself breathe. Previous to that it was pure pandemonium, I could hear people screaming. After another twenty odd minutes I sighed with relief, I thought I was safe, for now at least.

Suddenly a flash of pink appeared in front of the bed, I almost shouted with shock, almost. It hovered about for a while before it seemed to dissapear. I then climbed out from under the bed and my eyes darted all over the room, thinking of the quickest possible exit before I heard a voice come from behind me;


That time I couldn't hold in a scream, I immediately rotated to see my doom. It was Mesprit, the emotion pokemon. This was the second time I had come across the pink pokemon. I had helped Lucas save it from Team Galactic. It continued to stare at me, unmoving. I would have thought it would have attacked me or something by now. I took a deep breath, just before I began to speak, Mesprit spoke first.

'I have come here, as I believe you are one of the few humans that can show Mewtwo that there is goodness in humans, I will protect you from them if you can help me'

'Eh.. of course Mesprit!'

I said, heistantly. I took a step towards the Mesprit and smiled, tentatively. We had a short discussion and decided to get some supplies from town before we set off. We exited the house, it was dark now leaving an eerie theme in Cherrygrove town. There was absolutely nobody in the town, that was visible at least. I hurried into the pokemart, packing a few potions and revives, took some food and drinks for myself, an A4 page refill pad to use as a journal of my current journey. We then headed back to my grans house where I grabbed my mobile phone, a blackberry of course!, a pair of headphones, I needed them to travel, my mobile charger, and my pokedex, professor Oak would never get over it if we succeeded and I didn't get all the legendary pokemon on my dex. After all it was a once in a life opportunity. We then stepped out into the main area of Cherrygrove before making our way out to the beach, we stared into the horizon, it was beautiful.

'I have to say Mesprit. Thank you so much for this, I am so grateful.'

I then turned to the legendary rogue who was suddenly glowing pink. An aura surrounded it, the aura then left the pokemon and started floating towards me. No this is it, I'm going to die! I thought. The aura hit me, and went into my chest. It felt very warm, and immediately spread through my body making me feel... happy. It was strange, I hadn't felt that way in a while.

'You now have all the ability I have..'

Mesprit said leaving me gobsmacked. It was strange, usually I wouldn't have believed it, but I knew it was true. The feeling was superb, better than anything I've felt before.
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