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    (OOC: Okay guys, free posting from here, exept for no double posting like the rules say. Just use your head, and try to keep "tennis" (a lot of posts between only two people) to a minimum.)

    "Oh, I might wanna get my pokedex."Adriane said running into the house, picking up the device and putting it in her pocket.

    Than she walked back out of the house, closing the door quietly. The town was dead silent. She lived in Castelia City, Unova.

    "What I wouldn't do to have a human here right now."She muttered walking in the shadows of the towerig building, trying to make as little noise as possible."What do we do now?"

    "I'll try to contact the other legendaries, through telpithy."Mew said.

    Adriane stopped walking, when mew stopped flying. She was as quiet as possible whiel Mew focused on the other legendaries' minds.

    "Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Latias, Latios, can you hear me?"Mew asked.

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