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"So we're heading for Nimbasa City to get a few more things from your house. Am I correct?" Uxie asked, and Tyrant simply nodded. The two of them walked across Turbline Bridge over to Route 8. "At this rate, it'll take hours to reach Nimbasa. We can't get past Twist Mountain and Chargestone Cave before nightfall." Tyrant said, quietly walking. "You're right about that. Reaching Nimbasa at our speed in a single night is just about impossible." Uxie said, observing the current surroundings. "Well...can't we just teleport?" Tyrant asked. " have a point there. Since you have my powers, then you should be able to teleport straight to Nimbasa City in a snap." Uxie answered. "Well...let's try it out." Tyrant said. Tyrant focused his mind on going to Nimbasa City, and nothing else. In moments, he dissapeared along with Uxie. A couple of minutes later, tyrant ended up in Nimbasa City, but right above some water. "You have got to be kidding me." Tyrant thought, falling into the water. "Oh fail." Uxie said, floating above the water. Tyrant rose up from the water, and walked out of it. "Great...I'm all soaked. Just dandy." Tyrant thought. "Well...let's just...wait...I have a feeling somebody is trying to speak to me. I think it might be Mew." Uxie said. " that you?" Uxie answered using telepathy.