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    IMPORTANT NOTE: This LP does not show all chapters in one post, read on to the next posts to see the following chapters.

    Finally found a Pokemon hack which has some Fakemon in it!

    I was inspired by Zorak and Redchocobo as well as you LPers to do this.

    I will reward Glory Points to those who help me make decisions and names in this LP! The more I like the idea/choice, the more Glory Points rewarded!

    Chaputa 1: To the rescue of a gender confused fugitive!

    But really a group of people.

    Nanananana, dew drop slips off leaf into pond, byutiful myusic.

    I'm pretty sure she's staring at that Latios's a**.


    What flight? Where the hell did you come from??

    Does that mean treasure? I'm more interested in insects tho'.

    But you look exactly like Professor Birch
    Probably ran away from Hoenn and changed your name. Maybe he opened his door to an angry mob? Like in that Simpsons movie.

    You lied to everyone about your name

    He has an Umbreon
    He must be an Eeveelution furry....

    Yeahyeahyeah we get the point

    So they're named after jewels, does that mean they have mines for the jewels? Will I get a free sample?! Can I give it to my Mum??!!
    Then she'll have no choice but to buy me a 3DS

    Wonderful description, but you've just spoiled my whole adventure

    I have a key, not a keyhole ,sooo I'ma boy.

    It's my real name, I'm sorry if you wanted something like ''Xaxorz'' or ''Dragon_Master_Slayer_54876''. Also notice that the clothes I'm wearing are differently coloured, I kinda like that :3

    You've got serious problems dude

    O all-knowing God in Heaven, please don't let this man rape me :'(

    Oh thank God..
    Wait, whut, back up the bus,
    How do you even know my father? And since when has he made the biggest scientific discovery of the modern world?

    Not shown, him saying something about one of my brothers whom he also doesn't know.

    Which one? I've got two.

    That's not my dad's name!!! Wait...are you saying I'm an orphan who's adopted??

    Then he said something about arriving to town and I shrunk and nowwwwwww-

    -I'm in a moving truck and praying that those heavy boxes don't crush my little body.

    Yes that actually happened, I popped out of what was supposed to be a truck, but instead, thin air.

    Your not my mum....I really am an adopted orphan now :'(
    Oh and what truck? I thought I arrived in an invisible dark room with heavy boxes.

    I thought we were in Dewford town in Hoenn, but then I remembered Professor Birch Willow.

    Is that our house? It's tiny!

    I like beaches

    I want a cage bed like Stocking's!

    Roomy and grrrrrrrrrroomy

    Not shown, her saying ''The pokemon do all the''

    *Sad violin music*

    I guess the houses are built undeground which is why they're so bigger than what they look like outside. Jus' saying.

    Brok brok-brok brok brokka brock!

    Not shown, me setting clock to 3:41 am

    I've got Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Game Cube!

    Nah, the Poke-slaves did it. *Sad violin music*

    *Saaaaaaad viiiiooooliiin muuuuuusiiiiic*

    It probably says something like ''Suck my d*** f**!''

    Seriously, why is my chair facing that way??

    Well, at least he's MUCH MORE WAY PAST nicer than a certain brother I know...

    Awwwwww bromance :3

    Need to take a wank

    Why the hell is there a Hoenn region map in Jewel isl-

    -Oh. Well, I won't look at anything else on it, don't wanna spoil anything, this is a blind LP after all.

    It appears that Poitons are called Nectars in this game, sounds tastier I guess :3

    I miss it when I real mum would tell me to come over here quick...

    I miss it when my real mum would ask me to change back the channel...

    F*** I even miss it when my real mum would breast feed me!



    I don't like watching the news :<

    I wonder who he could be?

    Oh. That gender confused sick f***

    Out of all the places, we had to be next door

    Notice that cloud behind me as I get out.

    Well what do you know, a talking Pikachu...just cutely sitting there blurting out basic information :3
    From now on I'm calling him ''Speakachu''

    Another informative person! (Just wanted to say, this screen capture was number 69, lololololololol.)

    You've went from informative, to completely vague. There is no such thing as ''regular type'', FA'BOI!!! :D

    Oh, so he brought his family and changed their names too.

    I feel sorry for her...:'(

    Not shown, going into her house.

    I take all that sorry back.

    Can I call you bi*** commander Willow?

    Is she into collecting insects?

    Will I be incinerated if I do?

    I'm going to touch her.

    Was she getting ready to do the nasty with her toys on her Pokemon?

    My name is Kamina, leader of the Gurren Brigade, I smite all that deserves not to be forgiven!

    (Just wanted to say, the whole double elipse thing means that the player is ''talking'')

    I'm going to call you Mayo from now on!

    With me right.....I just hope it isn't too much of a pain.

    Your dad's gender confused BTW.

    **** with me :3?

    Has this whole escapade of the Hoenn region effected you in any way at all?

    Not shown, her saying ''Oh! I just Forgot!''

    Isn't he old enogh to know how?

    Bai Bai!

    I have no idea why Phil left the same letter here...

    What's wrong Speakachu?

    Behind that tree, making you brother with a Raichu.

    *!Shocking surprising violin music!*

    (action time)

    Now who should I choose?

    Ralts, who will level up to be this sexy guardian angel, Gardevoir:

    Aron, who will level up to be the destructive boss, Aggron:

    Spheal, who will level up to be the mighty beast, Walrein:

    You choose! You may also choose the nickname I give it, though I'll only use the nick if I like it!

    Thank you and check daily for updates!
    I'm just an Emochu here to have fun. That is all.