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So hello and welcome to the Team OminousBlack Thread.

So then, you may be thinking what is this new team, what is it for and probably something about cookies. Well this is a team a decided to make, because i am thinking of making a hack, my first ever REAL rom hack. I can do basic mapping with the orginal GBA Tiles some spriting, but my biggest asset i guess would have to be the story. I have almost half the story planned out, but will release it when i acquire 3~5 members. I wanna try and make something unique and currently unexpirienced by people who play hacks. I dunno how it'll go fast or slow but it'll work out.
My main goal is to make pokemon OminousBlack a unique and yet unexpirienced pokemon hack/game. With somewhat original fakemon, interesting story, interest provoking events and nice to look at tiles, OW Sprites and Startup Screen.

Current Projects/Hacks:
The current hack being worked upon is OminousBlack.
Base rom: Fire Red
Percentage completed: None actual except for half the story.

Members Required:
Tile inserter;
OW Spriter;
Spriter Fakemon or Trainer;
Someone to edit the title screen;
Possibly someone to help me with the story;
Possibly someone to edit pokemon moves and stats;
Music Editor;

Current Team Members:
OminousMix [Team Leader/Storyline Developer/Basic fakemon..newbie..]
niven [Title screen editor/Scripter]
Haxofreak [Backup scripter]
JinRazielGames[Trainer Spriter/Backup
Booted Out
Chainster [Story Advisor/Basic Mapper]
zachlim98 [Scripter/Sprite Inserter]
UnForgiven* [Scripter/???]
JalordaSerpent7 [Advanced Mapper]

Application Form:
Your current skills/Position you want:
How much time can you dedicate:
Proof of work:
E-mail for contact:

So that's about it, if we can get some active members and complete atleast 20% i might consider a opposite version of this called Stormy Violet. So enjoy yerselfs.

Plot/Story V.1: [Since niven requested it, i put it up here]
It all began in the year 2035 when man and pokemon were finally living in harmony with all evil pokemon organizations defeated and the legendary pokemon calmed. But in the far, far, far parts of the earth in the Sarya region slept a beast of darkness, that was spoken of only in legend. The legendary "Shadow Dragon Kyarero".
The darkness that he sensed the years before had put him to sleep with the thoughts that humanity's evil isn't worth his bothering, but the friendship he just sensed had awoken angered him with the thoughts that humanity's lies only continue to wreak havoc on the world. Enraged he escaped out of his prison in Takaria Island and sought to destroy the human's world and all the pokemon he thought were traitors. He searched the region and found pokemon trainesrs still filled with darkness in them. He used it to gain control over them and created Team Dusk which he would use in his plans to destroy humanity.
In the year 2050 the world is barely holding up the only standing spot is Kyarero's home region Kirya which is holding back Team Dusk forces with the brave efforts of Organization "The Phoenix".
"The Phoenix" is an organization formed by those willing to fight for no matter the cost, while others run in fear and try to find a place to hide. You are a rookie who just joined "The Phoenix" wanting to help save the world, but right as you appear it seem's Kyarero has aswell....Is his appearance connected to yours....and will you find a light burning bright enough to defeat Kyarero?
The decision rests on your shoulders...

Plot/Story V.2: It was the year 2035 when Kyarero was just awakening. It was still peaceful. One day professor Alerce comes to you asking you if you can help him test his new time machine that he will be using for today's class of prehistoric Pokemon. When you get out of Zaii Academy your rival/best friend asks you what you are doing you tell him that you are going out for a walk and then he goes in as you go to the back of the academy. Then suddenly appears prof Alerce telling you to close your eyes so you can go to the secret entrance, you teleport inside. When you try to go back to the past to bring back pokemon for the prehistoric pokemon class the machine malfunctiones and you are then instead sent to the year 2050 of the future that is ruled by Kyarero and Team Dusk.
While ariving some pokemon come to you trying to atack you but a hooded boy [Your rival of the future] fends them off, he then realises who you are in a groan.
He tells you to pick one of three pokemon and tells you to go to a village up north.
In the village every house is broken. There is only one grandma living there.
She lets you rest and after you leave she gives you a map and a pokedex.
After that you can go up from the village to explore the future Sarya region.
Note: You can't go up from the village without the map and the pokedex.

Note: We have a chatbox where we discuss the story and such so feel free to join.


Update: Hello all, i would just like to say that wegot our first ips with some inserted tiles by M.L. I would first like some mappers to map up some stuff before we start scripting and stuff. If you want to map some maps, you can either post on this thread that you want to or VM me.

ALSO!! We have now gotten our first userbar so if you wish to, you can put it in your signature to show around our little hack team.


Update: Hello everyone, it seems it's been awhile since i updated my first post so here i go.
First of, i would like to announce that the game's region name is officialy Sarya~!!
Second off, we now have our semi-official Main Good and Bad Pokemon Art/Sprites ready. The good being the Good and Pure Flame of Hope Phoenix Phquall and the bad being the frozen souled in eternal darkenss Kyarero.
I will try and draw us some more Fakemon while working along with all of my team members to form a nice exciting and intense story for teh game.
It seem's me and Niven have come to decide that this game will be uncompletable unless you catch Phquall, for more info on that check page 2 and look for Niven's post about that. :D

Well then, that's it for now, make sure to check our newest poll and have fun~!!

Update: Now that our poll here has ended, i can't edit it anymore.
So here's a the thing i used a website to make a poll where we can vote and decide stuff about the game. Our newest poll is here. Please vote~ ;3
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