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Yagerbomb's OOC is approved.

King!'s OOC is approved.

Blaziken15's OOC is approved.

雷影 イチロ's OOC and RP threads are approved...
but I think you should state a bit clearer how you are going to steer them if they can start in any place over the globe. There needs to be some kind of guidance by the GM to bring the story on if they aren't together, no?

xGrayx's RP thread is denied for now.
The plot is too short and doesn't tell the players much about what they are going to do in the game. Please expand and explain more about what kinds of "tests" the players are going to go through, so that people know what kind of RP they are signing up for.

pokepokemo's RP thread is.... approved,
although it's quite annoying to read your plot text when you haven't spaced anything out. If you can try to make several paragraphs of it (and also explain more about what roles the different Digimon have) then it would become much more enjoyable to read.
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