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As far as progress goes, I never really calculate in relation to the overall completion of the game. Instead I think about the demo, and we're closing in on 80% of the first one being done. There's some pixel work, scripting and eventing to be done. But remember I've been working on this for two years, meaning that 20% is still a good bit to do.

However, I have some updates for you

Sonata Town
The place of intermediate jubilation

After you obtain your first badge, you will go through Arietta Forest to Sonata Town. You will also encounter a Heart grunt here.

The following are miscellaneous shots from around the game

1. A screen from Tranquillo Town, the second town in the region.

2. Tchai Forest, well, I can't let you know what that is without spoiling part of the game play!

3. Route 3 is a swamp just after Tranquillo Town

4. An extract from the book of myths that will be read to you from time to time, this story is about the Phoenix Rising.

And that's it for today guys. More coming up in the next update.
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