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    More information would be helpful, as in Natures/Ev's and also Abilities. But, from what you posted, I'll judge them based on movesets/stats.

    So your wallbreaker. I would kind of re-do it and invest in more Special Defense and HP rather than Attack. But the moveset is solid.

    Use Attack rather than Special Attack on this one. It seems you already invested in Attack quite a bit anyway. If you want it to be a mixed attacker, re-do it. However, if you wish to keep it, then take off Ice Beam and Thunderbolt. Replace them with some moves like Earthquake, Extremespeed, or even something like Dragon Dance for a sweeper.

    Sorry, but mixed-attacking Lucario never work. I've tried it myself, and it does horribly. Invest in one set of attacks and keep it at that. The moveset itself for a physical attacker is solid, in a way. Take off Shadow Ball and Earthquake. I'd suggest Swords Dance with the three attacks being: Close Combat, Extreme Speed, and Crunch for coverage.